Unit 3 Presentation Group Members

Hi all – If you weren’t in class today & don’t know, I had everyone sign up for the presentation group they wanted to be part of in the final unit of the semester. If you weren’t here or didn’t sign up, I assigned you to an empty slot in a group. I am posting the groups and their members here so that you can come back and remind yourself of which group you’re in when the time comes.


Group 1: “Greatness” as “Universal”, on Thursday, November 15

Members: Mark Zink, Kayla Nieves, Ana Castaneda, Daron Greene, Alex Bangiyev


Group 2: “Greatness” as Revealing the World – Representing and Reflecting Culture, History, and Ideology, on Tuesday, November 27

Members: Carolyn Schwerd, Reyna Ramirez, Rebecca Hecht, Chris Ham, Emily Giardina


Group 3: “Greatness” as Influencing or Affecting Culture, on Thursday, November 29

Members: Anthony Lombardo, Miriam Fried, Raquel Ortiz, Aashmattie Harilal, Arben Mehovic


Group 4: “Greatness” as Stylistic Mastery, on Tuesday, December 4

Members: Anowar Dedar, Azriel Goldman, Wai Yan Phyo Hein, Dominick Lapera, Vanessa Weigman


Group 5: “Greatness as Enduring through Time, on Tuesday, December 11

Members: Siwei Xu, YaWen Wu, Xiao Ding, Nicole Zweiter

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