Weekly Writing due Nov. 12, 8pm

PROMPT: Choose one text offered by another student from the collective syllabus that you feel attracted to and might want to work with as we move forward. Familiarize yourself with it a bit. For this post, write a short paragraph that does the following: 1) discusses what attracts you to this particular text, and 2) asks a question you have about how to understand the text. Essentially, in this post, I want you to identify a text you can see yourself writing about and explore it a bit.


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22 thoughts on “Weekly Writing due Nov. 12, 8pm

  1. I was initially attracted to the song “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman because of its catchy tune and relatable chorus. As I looked the lyrics over, I noticed just how many situations mentioned in the verses can relate to the individual. There are numerous cases where people may feel like they don’t belong in that they don’t have the right look, aren’t into the right trends, etc. This song is an anthem that gives those who feel that they have to hide, a voice. It’s a reminder that everyone is brave and should make no apologies for being who they are. I would like to research the psychological aspect of why people feel like they need to hide parts of themselves in order to fit in with the crowd throughout different times in their lives.

  2. Moving forward, I would like to work with Scene 5 of A Streetcar Named Desire. I am attracted to this text in particular because I am a big fan of the play, and I studied it in one of my drama classes. The characters, especially Blanche, are complicated and multi-faceted, and it is interesting to follow their arcs over the course of the play. Blanche suffers from mental illness and also has a shady past, information about which she is unwilling to divulge. These two aspects lend a high degree of tension to the story, as partially evidenced in Scene 5; however, in my opinion, one cannot fully appreciate this tension and struggle from reading the scene on paper alone. Viewing it on screen or onstage allows a viewer to better-comprehend the true extent of the circumstances at hand, in this case how Blanche’s mental state lends tension and suspense to Stanley and Stella’s household, and to the play as a whole. My research question looks at this scene, and at the play in general, and asks: How did the 1951 film, A Streetcar Named Desire, succeed in bringing Blanche’s anxiety to life on screen, both in Scene 5, and in the movie overall?

  3. I was mostly attracted to the text “The Old Man and The Sea” by Ernest Hemingway due to the Old Man’s (Santiago) perseverance. He is an experienced fisherman. Despite the fact that he didn’t catch a fish in eighty four days, he still goes out into the sea and gives it his all. A man to angle an eighteen foot fish for three whole days and on top of that he was defending his catch all the way home from sharks. This man has motivation and is fighting for something much more important than sustenance. He is very determined and highly motivated to achieve his goal no matter what the consequences. To keep fighting when the odds are against you is one more thing that fascinates and captivates me. To help me understand this text further, I ask myself, what does it mean to be strong? At the end, although he was left with a skeleton of his catch, he was delighted to return to fishing with his apprentice, a young boy named Manolin. Another question I ask myself, does the Old Man fish to remind himself of his younger days? To pursue something with such determination is a great feat that I hope rubs off on me.

    • This story reveals to us the truth that people are not born for failure. A man can be destroyed but not defeated. Hemingway is trying to tell us the value of persistent efforts through this story. The main idea that the book wants to convey is, no matter how hard the situation, we should never give up.

  4. I would like to work with “To Kill a Mockingbird”. As a Southern Gothic and a Bildungsroman (coming-of-age) novel, the primary themes of To Kill a Mockingbird involve racial injustice and the destruction of innocence.In the story, any transgressions by black males that merely hinted at sexual contact with white females during the time the novel was set often resulted in a punishment of death for the accused.Maybe we never suffer any discrimination before,  or maybe we never care about the racial discriminaion that happened on others. Even I myself, I don’t pay enough attention on this severe issue before. Everytime we might see some unfair happened in our life, but we didn’t do anything to stop it.We just simply let it go, or totally ignore it.Finally, perhaps other people have to suffer more unfair because of our inaction. And our inaction probably will become the last straw and kill the mockingbird.

  5. There were many different and interesting pieces of literature offered by my classmates, but a particular text that I am attracted to is The Walking Dead episode “Days Gone Bye.” I am a fan of the show, especially of the early seasons and would love to analyze an episode and the characters with a lens that a typical viewer wouldn’t. What I mean by this is when someone sits down to watch a tv show, they may be more concerned with the events of the show- the gore, the zombies, the action- and not really looking in-depth at the meaning behind events, the characterization of people in the group, and the general lessons to be learned about life. Yes, the show is set during the zombie apocalypse, but the themes and experience is heavily focused on the human side of the show. Family, survival, and psychology is very evident in the show and analyzing the development of the humanly themes would be really cool. A question that I could ask to understand the literature would be to compare how the characters react, interact, and the themes in the show and compare it to how people would normally react, interact, and general themes when the world isn’t infested with zombies either in the real world or in other pieces of literature and highlight the parallels between the two. Also, I think it’s both interesting and fun to write about media that aren’t books in a literature class, so a sci-fi/horror tv show like The Walking Dead can be explored a lot more.

  6. I was very drawn in by “I Love Lucy”, from being a classic source of entertainment on tv for all those that watch her, I never did really watch her shows. I find it interesting how something from so long ago has never gone out of style. I love Lucy still stands as a fan favorite today! I like how different this show tends to be. Both Lucy and her real husband were actors in this show. I always flip through the channels and disregard those that are black and white. However being an old time goodie Lucy never lets herself go out of style. She draws in her watchers and always has something interesting to share with us.

  7. The text I am most attracted to would be The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I love the way Fitzgerald uses a love story to immerse you into history. I have always loved learning about 1920s America, so reading a book such as this one is exciting to me. His novel is not only one that reflects American Culture. in many cases it holds circumstance and emotions that are very real and relatable. There is something to take away from each of the characters as we get to explore their part of the story. Especially when viewing Gatsby’s journey to attaining his goal of getting Daisy back. The story also addresses class systems and nods to the notion of the American Dream. When thinking about the text, the question that I would pose to understand it better is, In what ways do each character work to attain the American Dream? And are they actually able to attain it?

  8. The text I want to write about the most is “The Great Gatsby” by Fitzgerald. The reason I like it is its interesting plot, where two men Tom Buchanan and J

  9. The text I want to write about the most is “The Great Gatsby” by Fitzgerald. The reason I like it is its interesting plot, where two men Tom Buchanan and Jay Gatsby fight over one girl that they both love, Daisy. The part that I noticed that specifically relates to our class about the American Dream is that Jay Gatsby was fighting to get his lost love Daisy back through the whole book but his dream was broken. At first, Daisy and Gatsby had an affair but Daisy realized that Tom was her true love and Gatsby had failed to get Daisy back by throwing huge wild parties with his wealth, and his American Dream was broken. The questions that I am posing are, why Daisy was disgusted by Gatsby’s wealth, and that why Gatsby couldn’t just try to show Daisy he loved her with a romantic gesture, and thought he could throw a huge wild party for everyone to try to win her back?

  10. The text that I am most attracted to is F. Scott’s Fitzgerald’s novel, The Great Gatsby. The work illustrates the concept of the American Dream through the eyes of Jay Gatsby. From what I’ve read of the novel, The American Dream is a fantasy that you want to attain, but it only disillusions the people pursuing it, once they acknowledging the obstacles that prevent them from achieving their dream. Despite the obstacles present in the novel for Gatsby that prevent him from achieving the American Dream, the novel goes into detail about optimism and perseverance through Gatsby’s aspiration to be with the woman of his dreams, Daisy. My question I have for the text to understand it better is how far are people willing to go to achieve their American Dream?

  11. The literature I am interested in is I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream by Harlan Ellison. This story interests because I am into science fiction. It is intriguing that a super computer called AM is able to eliminate all humans except for five humans. The computer tortured the remaining five people by starving them and giving them a poor quality of life. The question that I have is with the advancement of modern technology would something like a super computer ever be able to be built in the future? It is a scary thought to be able to eliminate humans at any time in our history.

  12. As I move forward, the text that attracted me the most would be the song “America” by Logic. The song speaks out the current situation that is happening in the USA right now. It lyrically strings together multiple commentaries on the current social, economic, and political situation. Moreover, the song is featured with several other artists that each featured artists expressed their own experience about this society. The song does not only contain a person’s perspective but from different people’s views to bring up the issues ripped straight from current events, such as white supremacy, gun violence and President Trump, encouraging listeners to fight back. I choose this text because HipHop is my favorite music genre. I like the way how they play with words to express their ideas and thoughts. To help me understand this text, my question is what issues does each artist address toward American society, and how do they think about those issues?

  13. I consider ‘The Stanford Prison Experiment’ film as an interesting text to discuss. I features multiple aspects that I can see myself writing about and the fact that this is a film with a psychological theme, I’m sure there will be enough sources that will back up the answers to the questions I will form. Besides, what it intrigues me the most is that this film is based on a real life experiment from 1971. The topic is even mentioned in some introductory psychology textbooks. So far the questions that I came right out of my mind from what I’ve read and seen is does power corrupt everything? how do people behave when they are left in charge of every decision?. I know by watching the film more questions will arise.

  14. The work I am most attracted to is “This is me” from “The Greatest Showman”. The reason due to the connection I could make with its lyrics. The first time I heard about this song from friends, I was skeptical about the song being classical without any meaningful contents in it. However, I soon regretted to even have thought about it such way as the song very connects to me to very depth of personal life as well as my childhood. When I was young, I was bullied a lot by my classmates and had multiple depression. Thanks to my family, I was able to overcome the fear and sadness of my life. In “This is Me”, it describes how to overcome the fear of being treated differently despite your best effort to fit it. Even then, you are not considered eve worthy to live in the house and hometown you grew up. Such depressing moment. Which is exactly how I felt when I was young. To be able to connect fully, I ask myself the purpose of how the song is came about as well as whether the individualism of people should be respected and treated equally. I will use this piece of literature to explore more about “American” literature and personal connection with every reader using “Universal” as a theme to represent my assignment 3.

  15. “Tuesday’s with Morrie” is a book that has attracted me to it ever since I first read it one summer during High school. It’s actually one of my favorites. I remember that it’s about this man named Mitch Albom who visits Morrie every Tuesday. Over the course of this book Mitch becomes lifelong friends with Morrie even though lifelong in this case does not mean a long time. The bond is formed because Morrie is diagnosed with ALS and he does not have much time left. Each week they talk about some monumental theme of life. Wether it be forgiveness, regret, or death, this book handled every theme very well if I recall correctly. I remember loving this book back then, however I don’t remember a lot of the details now. One question I would ask about this text is. What impacts can this book have on a reader? Also, what message is this book trying to send to the reader, and does it succeed? I would highly recommend this book to anybody and everybody. I myself might give it a reread as well.

  16. The work that attracts me is the song “Head Above Water” by the band Theory of a Deadman. Apart from the fact that I liked the song, it carries an important message of staying strong in the midst of any problem we may face. I believe that motivational messages are very important to society, and I would like to investigate how these messages help us keep going.

  17. There are many works in the collective syllabus I find interesting, and some of them I’m already familiar with, which is why I tried to find one I had not heard about before. “Sonny’s Blues” caught my attention. The value criterion written in the collective syllabus talks about diversity and the pursuit of the “American Dream”, I found it very interesting how those themes are plated in the story, since it seems that the setting and the historical context play a big role in them. I also really enjoyed the story itself, and the fact that music was one of its main topics, the idea of having a dream is a really important trait in the development of the character Sonny, and, although he has a passion and a dream to pursue, the fact that music is such a big part of him, yet he is not able to pursue what he loves, and is in fact, good at, influences how his life turns out. It’s interesting how the character’s passion and talent weren’t enough for him to be able to succeed. A question that would develop this story more for me is how does the relationship of the brothers develop and what role does it play in the story.

  18. As we move forward in our class, I would like to work on the story A Street Car Named Desire by Tennessee Williams. I want to explore more into the story to find out how Blanche DuBois overcomes her struggles. I was attracted by the plot of scene six, and wonder what will happen next. At the end of the scene, Stanley heard some words about Blanche’s shady past, and he is telling Stella everything he heard. Blanche suffers from the past, and as they brought this up again, she will have to face it on more time. A tension of the story rises as they found out Blanche’s past. The reaction in the family and the way Blanche will be handling the situation will be fun to read on. I believe it could be exciting to work on this text. Also, I should be able to learn a lot from it. The question I had is what exactly did Blanche suffers from and how will she overcome all these obstacles. Having this question in mind, it will help me gain a better understanding of the story as I study from it. I will learn something meaningful to help me step over obstacles in my life.

  19. Reading through the collective syllabus, I can only keep my eye on the pilot episode of The Walking Dead. The idea of exploring more into the series as a whole within an English course as such I feel would not only make things interesting but possibly see things in a different approach rather than just as a show. I myself try to keep up with this series, however, I’d be interested to see how the topic of a zombie apocalypse can bring about further deducing in literature.

  20. I am attracted to the song “America” by Logic, because it goes over the current state of racial equality in America. Logic speaks about how it isn’t normal to see racism on the streets like it used to be, and how the current leadership might be influencing things to go back to the way they used to be. This includes things like stop and frisk, and general prejudice against a certain group of people like Hispanics which seem to be targeted the most in current politics. Logic even started his first verse with the lyrics,

    “Fight the power, fight the power
    Fight for the right to get up and say fuck white power
    Everybody come and get up, get on
    And no matter what you fighting for I promise that it’ll live on”

    These lyrics are famous lines from an old 1989 rap song by a rap group called Public Enemy who were well known for speaking on American politics and racism. Logic uses references to highlight the importance of fighting for the things that you believe in and how long these ideas have been pushed into American culture.

  21. One item on the collective syllabus that I feel attracted to and would like to analyze further, is the newer movie adaptation of the book The Great Gatsby, along with comparing it to some chapters in the novel. As of now, I am unsure of which one I will ultimately write about, but I know this is what I would like to work with. I saw the movie when it came out and remember being very amazed by it, because of its connection with American culture, specifically the way it portrayed the apparent “American dream” while revealing the real life of an extremely wealthy man. So, I would really like to dig deeper and watch it again in 2018, now that I have a broader mind and can analyze it from a more intellectual point of view. One question I have, that I will be paying attention to during this assignment is: In this movie, what exactly is the American Dream portrayed as being, is it love, wealth, or the challenges we experience in our lifetime as Americans?

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