Weekly Writing due Sep. 12, 8pm

PROMPT: What do you think is the most valuable thing you can get out of an encounter with a media object (text, work of art, etc)? To expand: if every text you were assigned in a literature class had one thing in common, what do you think it should be? And should the texts you encounter in a university setting look more like the texts you seek out in your leisure-time, or do they serve a different purpose?

Please address at least the first question, and you may address the others if you have space/it is helpful or generative.

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Welcome to Your English Class!

Hi all! Welcome, and you made it to our course site! Take some time to look around! You’ll find that this site is essentially a web-based version of our syllabus. This specific page, though, will always have updates from me posted on it, and I will also post here the prompts for your weekly writing assignments. You will submit your weekly responses as comments on these posts.